Standing Stairlift

Photo of sit-stand stairliftSitting is not always possible with certain medical conditions and we get requests for a stairlift that the user can stand on. It may be that they have an ankle, knee or hip issue that doesn’t allow them to sit comfortably.

The Sit-Stand stairlift offers the option of being used as a sit or standing stairlift. The stairlift is fitted with a footrest and a special security bar for those who prefer to stand when going up and down the stairs. With a Sit/Stand Frame, you can choose whether to use the stairs in either the usual seated position or to stand on the footrest.

With a special folding steady/security bar for stability, it is ideal for anybody who may have problems bending their knees, or where multiple users with different requirements will be using the stairlift.

  • Special folding, steady security bar for complete stability.
  • Ideal for people who have difficulties bending their knees.
  • Suitable for customers with multiple requirements i.e. more than one user
  • Whisper quiet motion – smooth stop start mechanism ensuring no sudden jolts or jerks whilst moving up and down the stairs.
  • Both electronic and mechanical brakes, giving you extra peace of mind.

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