Stairlifts for a Spinal Injury

Stairlifts a lifeline for people with Spinal Injuries

In the UK there are over 40,000 people suffering from a spinal injury, which can take the form of anything from loss of sensation to total paralysis. The most common causes of injuries to the spine are:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Sporting injuries
  • Unsuccessful medical procedures
  • Work-related incidents
  • Congenital medical conditions

In the event of a spinal injury, either temporary or permanent, mobility around the home will be greatly reduced. Many mobility issues can be overcome by use of a wheelchairs or mobility scooters but stairs and staircases still present a considerable problem.

Those fortunate enough to be surrounded by a full-time carer or family member can be physically assisted but the dependency can be incredibly depressing.

Stairlifts can be an essential life line for many. Those with some upper body strength can transfer from a chair or scooter into the stairlift seat and providing there is an additional wheelchair on the first floor, can access any room in their home with ease.

Buying and Installing your stairlift

The installation of a stairlift can be carried out within a matter of days where necessary, but financing the purchase can be difficult.

You should always consider making a claim via a specialist injury solicitor, who will assist you with the legal process where the accident was not your fault.

Value Stairlifts assist thousands of people each year to find the best stairlift option, whether for a spinal injury or age-related condition. Call us now to arrange a no-obligation quote.

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