Stairlift Grants

If you or someone living within your property is disabled, you may be able to apply for a grant to help pay towards the cost of installing a new stairlift. This is known as a Disabled Facilities Grant and is paid out by local councils and is means tested on an individual case by case basis.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant for your stairlift if you meed the following eligibility critea:

  • You, or the person who you are applying for, is the current home-owner or tenant
  • You, or someone else living in the property is disabled
  • You, or the person who you are applying for, can certify that you/they intend to occupy the property as your/their main residence for a period of five years

Frequently asked Questions

Will this affect my benefits?

No, if you are successful in applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant for your stairlift, this will not effect any other benefits that you are currently receiving.

How much will I get?

This all depends on your current individual circumstances and is means tested. Your income and savings (the first £6,000 of savings is not included in the test), along with your outgoings are taken into consideration, and the outcome of the test will determine what percentage towards the cost of the stairlift installation will be offered.

Can the grant be used for things other than a stairlift?

Yes it can, the following list covers some of the work that can be done under the Disabled Facilities Grant

  • Installing a stairlift
  • Widening doors and installing ramps
  • Improving access to rooms and facilities – ie, installing a downstairs bathroom
  • Improving or providing a new heating system
  • Adapting heating and lighting controls to make them easier to use

Apply now

You can apply for a Disabled Facilities grant by going onto the DirectGov website by Clicking Here to Apply. This online service is only available for those currently living in England – for those living in either Wales or Northern Ireland, follow the links below to find out more information:

If you currently live in Scotland, you’ll need to contact the Social Services department of your local council directly to find out more information available regarding grants for stairlifts.

More information

If you require more information regarding a Disable Facilities Grant to help pay towards a new stairlift, please see the DirectGov website or use the form on the right (or at the bottom of this page) to contact us and we’ll get back to you straight away with more information.


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