Stairlifts FAQ

Common Stairlift Questions

  • How much do Stairlifts Cost? (The most common question of course!)

    Prices do vary greatly from supplier to supplier, with the major difference being whether you have a straight or curved/bent staircase with turns. The price will then be further affected depending on whether you want a new or reconditioned stairlift. As a guide, straight stairlift prices start from £1200-£2,400. Curved stairlifts on the other hand, can be far more expensive with prices starting at around £2,900 if a reconditioned stairlift is available. Prices can be a lot higher for new curved lifts. The cost of a curved stairlift also changes depending on the dimensions of your staircase as the rail will be custom-made to your requirements.

  • How exactly do Stairlifts work?

    All stairlifts need to run on a track, which is usually aluminium and fits directly onto the treads of your stairs. The motor in the stairlift then pulls the chair along the track.

  • How long do stairlifts take to install?

    In most cases, stairlifts are installed in a few hours, with minimal disruption to your property.

  • How long does it take to get an appointment?

    Often an engineer can be with you the very next day to measure up and discuss your requirements, it is rare to have to wait more than 7 days for a stairlift appointment. This appointment is for a no-oblication quote only, please be assured you will not be pressurised into committing there and then.

  • Will my Stairlift come with a Warranty?

    The length of warranty will vary from one supplier to another but you should ensure that your stairlift comes with at least 12 months warranty. If not, walk away! This is why you should always make sure you buy from an approved supplier as not all stairlift suppliers offer the same warranty terms, and not all stairlift suppliers include free emergency callout if there is a fault with the stairlift. All new stairlifts and reconditioned stair lifts from stairlift suppliers will come with a fully comprehensive 12 month warranty package.

  • What happens to my stairlift during a powercut?

    Most stairlift motors are now powered using Direct Current (DC), which will automatically charge when not in use, and will therefore act as a backup during a power cut. You should always check with your supplier to ensure its DC powered.

  • Can Stairlifts be Noisy?

    Modern DC-powered stairlifts require a lower voltage of approx. 24-36 volts ensuring they are more energy efficient and very quiet.

  • What if my staircase isnt wide enough to allow fitment of a Stairlift?

    As long as your staircase is wider than 60cm/24″ a stairlift can be installed easily.

  • Will my staircase still be usable when my stairlift is fitted?

    Yes, when not in use your stairlift will be parked at the top or bottom of the staircase, allowing full access to the staircase. You can also fold the stairlift flat against the wall.

  • What is the maximum weight a Stairlift can carry?

    This varies depending on the model, but most stairlifts for sale in the UK can safely carry a min. 18+ stone, approx. 120+ kg.

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