Second Hand Stairlifts

With so many ways to source and purchase second hand goods nowadays via websites like eBay and through local newspapers, it’s hard to resist the temptation to “bag a bargain”. Stairlifts do occasionally crop up for sale, say after a property developer has purchase a home with a stairlift installed that is no longer required.

Unless a stairlift has been professionally removed and officially reconditioned by the manufacturer then it is generally not advisable to purchase it.

For those relying on their stairlift for freedom and peace of mind, it is essential that the unit is always reliable. In situations where disabled individuals do not have the assistance of others 24 hours a day, we would not recommend the second-hand route.

However, second hand stairlifts are often available directly from the original manufacturers. Please let us know if this is your preferred option and we can make enquiries on the availability in your area.

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