Disabled Stairlift

Disabled stairlifts provide an essential lifeline for anyone unable to relocate to a single storey home.

Picture of stairlift swivel seatWith all manner of options that allow easy access to the chairlift seat itself such as folding arms and swivel seats, manoeuvring into position is made as easy as possible.

Disabled stairlifts can often carry users weighing up to 25 stone, which is ideal for those who have limited mobility as exercise can prove difficult and weight gain can be unavoidable. Knowing that your disabled chairlift will always be reliable to lift you to your destination is vital.

Picture of stairlift lap beltSafety is paramount, with 5 edges/surfaces that stop the stairlift in event of a collision with an object on the stairway. These are located around the footrest, and on the top and bottom of the carriage.

Lap belts are provided so that there is no danger of the user falling out of the stairlift. It also promotes a feeling of safety and security whilst operating the stairlift.

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