Back Injuries Caused by Sporting Activities

Sporting Spinal Injuries Recreational and sporting activities account for 18% of all Spinal Cord Injuries and many sporting careers have been ended due to damage to the spine. Particular sports are higher risk than others, with the top activites for back injuries being: Rugby Motorbiking Quadbiking Skateboarding Skiing Snowboarding Horse Riding There is a school […]

Living with Disabilities: Ileostomy Sufferers

Most people have never heard of a stoma. A quick medical lesson for you … words ending in ‘ostomy’ are associated with a stoma. For example, Colostomy involves an opening in the large bowel (colon), whilst Ileostomy is an opening in the small bowel (ileum) and Urostomy involves the urinary tract. A stoma is formed […]

Living with Spinal Injuries and Back Problems

Spinal injuries can happen at anytime, anywhere and at any age and can vary from soft tissue damage to total paralysis. Whatever the severity of the injury, individuals can cope with their condition, it simply means a slight change to their lifestyle. If the spinal injury is quite severe they will need physical help with […]

Stairlifts for a Spinal Injury

Stairlifts a lifeline for people with Spinal Injuries In the UK there are over 40,000 people suffering from a spinal injury, which can take the form of anything from loss of sensation to total paralysis. The most common causes of injuries to the spine are: Road traffic accidents Sporting injuries Unsuccessful medical procedures Work-related incidents […]