Interview with Doreen, a Stairlift user aged 75

When Doreen was in her twenties, she was knocked over by a car and as a result she injured her back. Although at the time the injury was not too severe, as Doreen got older she began to suffer with arthritis and mobility problems. This meant going up and down stairs became increasingly a problem for her. Doreen did not want to leave the house that had been her home for over fifty years, so she decided to make enquires about a stairlift.

“I decided to go in for a stairlift because of my worsening mobility problems. It is one of the best ideas I know of for people who want to remain in their house, rather than move to a bungalow or flat.

“Talking to the company who installed my stairlift was very easy and comforting. The installers came to my home to take measurements in my property as each stairlift is catered for the individual. It was very easy and quick to install, much quicker than I thought it would take. I was initially a bit worried by the controls, but they are so easy to use I have had no problems at all and would describe it as being ‘very user friendly.’

“The chair itself is very comfortable. What’s my overall opinion of having a stairlift? I would highly recommend having one installed. It has enabled me to stay in my home and remain independent.”

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