Stairlifts Protect the Elderly from Injuries

“An elderly person dies every five hours from a trip or fall”

That’s the latest statistic released from Help The Aged. With UK citizens in their 70’s and 80’s being fitter than ever before, the nations hospitals are seeing more and more elderly injuries, with 1 in 10 resulting in life threatening or incapacitating consequences.

Stairlifts have been proved to prevent injuries by up to 58% and can be essential for those living alone who may be unable to raise an alarm should they have a slip or fall in their home.

Climbing stairs can cause continued strain on the elderly, especially those suffering joint and hip problems, asthma or arthritis.

Value Stairlifts feel the NHS can take further steps to help protect the elderly by providing additional support and home assessments to prevent these injuries from ever occuring.

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