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Acorn’s TV Ad for Stairlifts Upsets Younger Generations…

No Stairlift Ads for “Generation X”

We’re not talking riots here, but it seems some people arent too impressed with the new Acorn Stairlifts TV ads. So much so that they have been added to the “Worst Ad of 2008?” short list on the TWA website.

See the article here: Worst TV Adverts (and vote if you wish!)

And we thought it was “old people” who moaned and complained about pointless issues, not the younger generations?

Well, Acorn Stairlifts only currently have 8% of the vote, so it can’t be as bad as the author of the website makes out.

Stairlift assists elderly couple foil burglary

Quick-thinking couple utilise stairlift to scare thieves

Last week a couple in Lincolnshire managed to stop burglars from stealing from their marital home, with the assistance of their home stairlift. Not the most common of theft deterants admittedly, but Mr and Mrs Rogers aged 87 and 84 respectively, were able to scare away wannabe thiefs after they became suspicious.

Whilst one thief posed as a waterboard engineer, distracting Mrs Rogers, his accomlice snuck around the rear of their home and climbed in through a window. The couple were instantly suspicious and when they heard a noise from upstairs, Mr Rogers took to his stairlift, quickly alighting the stairs and disturbing the thief, who was at this point search the bedroom for jewellery and cash.

Upon realising that Mr Rogers was at the top of the stairs, the surprised thief dropped the purse he had found and fled.

The couple were fortunately unhurt but a little shaken. Police have full descriptions of the immoral individuals and are currently looking for the suspects.

Stairlifts for a Spinal Injury

Stairlifts a lifeline for people with Spinal Injuries

In the UK there are over 40,000 people suffering from a spinal injury, which can take the form of anything from loss of sensation to total paralysis. The most common causes of injuries to the spine are:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Sporting injuries
  • Unsuccessful medical procedures
  • Work-related incidents
  • Congenital medical conditions

In the event of a spinal injury, either temporary or permanent, mobility around the home will be greatly reduced. Many mobility issues can be overcome by use of a wheelchairs or mobility scooters but stairs and staircases still present a considerable problem.

Those fortunate enough to be surrounded by a full-time carer or family member can be physically assisted but the dependency can be incredibly depressing.


Who Needs a Stairlift?

There is often the misconception that you need to be old in order to benefit from a stairlift and this simply isn’t the case. There are a number of users out there that could regain access to their homes who may suffer from a multitude of different medical conditions ranging from spinal injuries through to arthritis and other skeletal diseases.

Many people (no matter how old they are) can find it difficult to traverse the stairs and in some cases have found that this has proved dangerous or even fatal by struggling on their own. Some enlist the help of others to get around this problem, however this then relies on the network of friends and families being available. This situation has even led some people to find an alternative home as they don’t want to feel like a burden to others.

Stairlifts can often prove to be the most effective solution to the problem as they bring back the accessibility to your home