Acorn’s TV Ad for Stairlifts Upsets Younger Generations…

No Stairlift Ads for “Generation X” We’re not talking riots here, but it seems some people arent too impressed with the new Acorn Stairlifts TV ads. So much so that they have been added to the “Worst Ad of 2008?” short list on the TWA website. See the article here: Worst TV Adverts (and vote […]

Stairlift assists elderly couple foil burglary

Quick-thinking couple utilise stairlift to scare thieves Last week a couple in Lincolnshire managed to stop burglars from stealing from their marital home, with the assistance of their home stairlift. Not the most common of theft deterants admittedly, but Mr and Mrs Rogers aged 87 and 84 respectively, were able to scare away wannabe thiefs […]