Stairlifts, a Safe Assistive Device for the Elderly

Because of the number of ageing men and women who have encountered accidents while climbing staircases, it is essential for these people to have medical equipment that can assist them in performing such a basic task. And while investing in a stairlift is a good idea, there are many things to consider when opting for one.

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First, you have to consider the kind of stairway that you have at home. Is it straight, curved, or odd shaped? This way you can begin musing about what can be done with the assistive device since it is mounted on either the railings or walls. Adding onto these factors is the width of the stairs, which can also influence the sort of model you are going to have.


Will you opt for the standing, sitting, electrical or battery-powered? These choices are somewhat essential to the comfort and safety that the elderly will experience. For example, a patient who just recently had his or her knee replacement surgery should have a perch lift. This is because the patient may not be able to sit securely.


Associating with the choice of stairlift is the current ability of the patient to operate the machine. As what have been said, his or her health status determines the kind of equipment that is suitable for their use. On the other hand, their height, weight, and the spaciousness of the seat will also be a factor to consider.

With the benefits that the said assistive device brings, it is truly an ideal tool to be added to ageing family units or households with a member who has special mobility needs. And if your family is included, call on Value Stairlifts to find various options.