Seniors' Welfare: How to Keep Them Healthy and Happy Every Day

Ageing intensifies all kinds of emotions in a lot of people. Some become really grouchy, while others get so sensitive. This is natural and should not be a cause for alarm. Instead, we should learn to be more patient and more understanding of their changes in moods. We should also be more vigilant in ensuring our elderly family members are healthy and most of all, happy.

If you have confusion on how to approach this responsibility, here are some suggestions worth going over:

  1. Be mindful of any changes.

There may be things that your mum or dad used to do on a regular basis. But when they got older, they may not do these activities any more. These little changes in their routines may have underlying causes that, if left unattended, can be a cause for serious problems. So take the time to assess any changes.

  1. Encourage them to visit their doctor regularly.

If you can't accompany them yourself, you can ask a willing and able neighbour, friend or relative who lives nearby to go with them. Get your elderly parents to visit a general physician who can monitor their health and update their prescriptions. Also, it's important that they are able to take their medications religiously. Talk to them about their prescriptions and maybe make a chart of what pills to take and when to take them to be posted somewhere visible so they don't forget.

  1. Keep them mentally healthy.

A healthy mind is the key to keeping the elderly happy. A balanced diet and exercise are keys to a healthy mind and body. So encourage your parents to always eat the right kinds of food and to be active. Doing so helps lower cholesterol levels and ensures ample supply of oxygen-rich blood into the brains. You might also be able to help them more if you learn how to create nutritious meals for the elderly. Learn about nutrition and lifestyle management from Try giving them puzzles to solve too or books to read and other things to help stimulate their minds.

It also helps them if they belong in a community of people who are the same age as them. They will feel better about the changes happening to them as they share stories with other seniors. You might want to consider taking them to nursing homes like the following:

  1. Provide the necessary equipment.

It's important that your ageing parents have the right tools to monitor their health. Examples of which include a blood pressure monitor, glucometer, heart rate monitor, etc. If they have difficulty moving around or travelling long distances, you can provide them with assistive technology like mobility scooters and stairlifts. At Value Stairlifts, we have several options to choose from to ensure you'll find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Lastly, having someone to talk to also helps keep seniors happy, since tendency is they won’t feel scared and alone. So make it a point to talk to them regularly or visit them often if they don’t live with you. Basically, make it a point to spend quality time with them.