Adapting Your Home to Cater to Disability and Special Needs

A lot of older people and those who are physically challenged tend to shy away from various activities because they feel that they do not have the capacity to do them. This can possibly make them feel isolated and aloof not only from other people, but also from their own families. However, there are several ways to help these individuals gain independence. And one of the most important things to do is to renovate their house to accommodate their special needs. As stated by Directgov, “If you’re disabled you may need your home improved or adapted to meet your needs”. Some of the most common alterations that can be done to a residential property include the following:

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  • Make entryways and passages wider. This is to allow someone who is using a wheelchair or crutches to pass through without any hindrance. It is also important that the hallways are clear of any obstruction in case of emergency.

  • Move light switches, doorknobs, doorbells, telephones, and other appliances to convenient heights. By doing so, an older or disabled individual will not have to ask other people’s help.

  • Ensure that all floors or paths have a level surface. This will help prevent trips and injuries.

  • Adapt bathroom fixtures. This includes raising the toilet, installing a hoist in the bath, and adjusting the height of the lavatory.

  • Add specialised furniture. For example, an adjustable bed allows the patient to change sleeping positions, increasing the comfort level.

  • Install a stairlift. This mechanical device is extremely useful especially for older people since they might have a hard time climbing up the second-floor of their house.

    Moreover, alarms or warning devices must be installed in strategic places to help protect the seniors and those with special needs. 

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